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What do you mean “even she”?!??

Did we even read the same post??

The only one you specified not liking was Izumi/Hirono (which I like), but I don’t exactly multiship her either and Mitsuru/Izumi/Ryu is my ot3 and I agreed with most the others anyway too except Ryu/Sho which was my NOTP and Kazuo/Mitsuru which Im just neutral about!! So yeah!

How the fuck can you hate Ryuhei and Sho like HOW?? 

And pfft of course you would! 

kuninoboo asked:

If you're still doing that OTP meme thingy, Nobu, Chisato and Ryuhei! C:

Yes I am!

Yoshitoki Kuninobu:

OTP: Yoshitoki/Noriko~ 
BrOTP: Yoshitoki/Shuya totes! 
OT3: Yoshitoki/ …Noriko/ …Shuya I guess?
NOTP: Yoshitoki/Ryoko Anno like uh no go away.

Chisato Matsui:

OTP: SHINJI/CHISATO~! Shinsato ftw bitches like go read Angel’s Border and bask in the glow of their three dates
BrOTP: Chisato/Haruka or Chisato/Izumi or somethin
OT3: Chisato/Shinji/Yutaka sounds ADORBZ
NOTP: Chisato/Shogo eh no.

Ryuhei Sasagawa (I’ll go with RP since I already done him man):

OTP: Ryuhei/Izumi, hands down! 
BrOTP: There’s so many, holy fuck, buuuuut I’m kinda biased for this because it’s my current canon OTP, but I gotta go with Sho/Ryuhei! Like, Sho just babys the fuck outta him, and Ryuhei’s so protective of “his faggot” and it’s real cute come fight me mother licker. But I love Ryuhei’s friendships and past friendships (yes even the ones that ended HORRIBLY) a LOT like why the fuck do you think I make him talk a lot??
OT3: Maybe Yukiko/Ryuhei/Yumiko since they’re all real cute together, haha!
NOTP: Shogo/Ryuhei like why just no never ever. But I like Sara’s Shogo/Ryuhei because broskis~

quinnsexual asked:

Ryuhei Sasagawa, Mitsuru Numai, Kazuo Kiriyama, Hiroshi Kuronaga, Hirono Shimizu, Izumi Kanai, Yoshimi Yahagi, Yumiko Kusaka. c:

Ryuhei Sasagawa:

  • OTP: Sho/Ryuhei like must I explain?? This is both Novel + Manga btg!
  • BrOTP: Ryuhei/Mitsuru! 
  • OT3: Ryuhei/Mitsuru/Izumi~
  • NOTP: Ryuhei/Shogo or Ryuhei/Yoshio I can’t choose man.

Mitsuru Numai:

  • OTP: Mitsuru/Izumi or Ryuhei/Mitsuru idek anymore
  • BrOTP: Kazuo/Mitsuru I guess. 
  • OT3: Mitsuru/Izumi/Ryuhei don’t question me mother licker
  • NOTP: Mitsuru/Shogo, ha.

Kazuo Kiriyama (I’ma go with novel~):

  • OTP: Kazuo/Mitsuru
  • BrOTP: Kazuo/Mitsuru
  • OT3: Kazuo/Mitsuru/Ryuhei
  • NOTP: Kazuo/Shogo the fact that this is even a fucking THING annoys me greatly fucking keep that ape away from Kazuo like Jesus he’s SO out of Shogo’s league it’s unREAL

Hiroshi Kuronaga:

  • OTP: Hiroshi/… Mitsuru? Thanks to TJ, I’ve kinda been liking Hiroshi with Satomi too, lol.
  • BrOTP: Hiroshi/Mitsuru!
  • OT3: Hiroshi/Mitsuru/Ryuhei
  • NOTP: Surprisingly enough, fucking Ryuhei/Hiroshi. Like I see Hiroshi latching to Mitsuru and Ryuhei to Sho while Ryuhei kinda belittles and sometimes bullies Hiroshi instead. Unless we’re talking manga, then Hiroshi/Ryuhei is fucking awesome.

Hirono Shimizu:

  • OTP: Ryuhei/Hirono like are you for REAL he’s the only person who actually suits her in the slightest
  • BrOTP: Hirono/Yoshimi totes
  • OT3: Mitsuko/Hirono/Ryuhei
  • NOTP: Sorry, but I can’t stand Hirono/Izumi at all. That and Shogo/Hirono, like wtf no. Oh and Hirono/Mitsuru. Actually I don’t like Hirono with most people.

Izumi Kanai:

  • OTP: Mitsuru/Izumi or Ryuhei/Izumi mostly because of the RP, lol.
  • BrOTP: Izumi/Chisato or Izumi/Noriko, I can’t actually choose, haha!
  • OT3: Izumi/Ryuhei/Mitsuru!! Ultimate OT3 for me~
  • NOTP: Izumi/almost everyone ever because most of the characters in the fucking RP just CAN’T keep their fucking pants up when it comes to her and for fuck sake there are OTHER girls to have crushes on, not just fucking Izumi, get lost you ruined most Izumi ships for me, thanks a lot, dumbasses.

Yoshimi Yahagi:

  • OTP: Yoji/Yoshimi are you for real
  • BrOTP: Hirono/Yoshimi
  • OT3: Hirono/Yoshimi/… Yoji??
  • NOTP: Mitsuko/Yoshimi like are you for real she damn near got poor Yoshimi raped in the manga for a few hundred yen like why the fuck would you even ship that??

Yumiko Kusaka:

  • OTP: Yumiko and… Mitsuru??
  • BrOTP: Yumiko/Yukiko like are you for real this should be the default for everyone
  • OT3: Yumiko/Yukiko/… Mitsuru??
  • NOTP: Yumiko/Shogo. 
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